Elishema Sings At the Daley Center

While we have returned back here to the windy city from touring overseas, Elishema have been booked by several promoters and the Ninja Show, a cable TV production that showcases rising stars, to share her talent with their audiences. Elishema was even asked to sing for the legendary Kool and the Gang when they arrived in Chicago June 26, 2015, straight from the airport.

Elishema and her Entourage in Africa

Elishema, her manager, and her mother who is her personal assistant just recently just came back from a West African music Tour of Ghana, and in spite of the language barrier Elishema’s Album “New Beginnings” was well received. While there she sang Jazz and R&B Soul Music and represented Chicago in a cultural exchange, and was an instant star. That tour stop certainly paid off because Elishema has been subsequently booked, to return back there in the fall for a major concert performance and tour stops over in Europe.

Elishema to Perform along side K’ Jon & Noel Gourdin in Charlotte, NC

Hey Charlotte friends,

Save the date! Elishema is set to perform at Sydney’s Martini & Wine Bar in Charlotte, North Carolina on Feb 27, 2015 along with K’Jon and Noel Gourdin. Event starts at 8pm there will be a live band and for more details or ticket information call 704-503-9060. See you there!


“Your Love” New Single Now Available

Elishema has released a brand new single called “Your Love” with an accompanying music video. The song is now available for download from popular digital music stores and the video can be watched on youtube at: www.youtube.com/elishema.

“Your Love” is a sincere emotional ballad, in which Elishema acknowledges the miracle’s in her life and pays homage to the magnificent one that makes them possible.

Look for Elishema’s new single in itunes, and her present and upcoming tour dates, can be found here at Elishema.com.

Elishema Your Love Artwork


Paul Simmons Jr Charity Event Performance

Had a great time performing at the Paul Simmons Jr Foundation Charity Event held at 115 Bourbon St. this past Saturday 06/21/2014. This foundation was raising money to give out scholarships to students and building awareness about a heart disease called Hypertrophic Cardiomopathy, which is a genetic condition that causes the heart to become unusually thick and cause sudden collapse and death. This disease is the leading cause of death in young athletes and Paul Simmons Jr was an athlete affected by this disease. You can learn more about the foundation at http://www.paulsimmonsjrfoundation.com/

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