#3 On Reverbnation Music Chart

Thanks to all my wonderful friends I am moving up the charts. If you haven’t heard much about this site Reverbnation.com is an online music platform that focuses on providing an outlet for musicians, and other music professionals to collaborate and communicate with one another.  It also provides resources and opportunities for us to promote our music, share it, and find people who dig it. On the back-end  for its members, the site measures how active people are on going to our profile pages leaving comments, playing our music, becoming a fan of ours, and other things of this nature. And the internal system ranks us on a chart against the other millions of artists in our genre and around the world.  And I am currently holding down #3 on the Chicago R&B/Soul Chart, how cool : )  Billboard charts here I come…

Seeing is not always believing, because I believe in having faith in the unseen, but in this case, I’ll make an exception, have a look see : )

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