Preparing for a 2013 Album Release

“Good things come to those who wait,” that’s my new saying (after finishing my new album).  And in some cases like this one I believe it’s true. I can remember many instances in my life where I wanted something sooo….. bad and didn’t get it : ( only to find that waiting a little while longer would bring me something a whole lot better : ). Which brings me to the new album, I’ve been in the lab crafting what I anticipate to be my most exciting work yet. I wanted this album to be exceptional, and though it’s taken me some time, patience’s has its rewards.

The new album is on its way. It’s a rhythmic blend of R&B and Hip Hop wrapped in love. When I hear it, it makes me sentimental at times and yet proud to be who I am. This album is along the lines of something you might except from an artist like Mary J Blige, Rihanna, or even Beyonce. I can’t wait to share it, even better perform it.  Exclusive song previews will be coming soon for my newsletter subscribers so join soon.

2013 is already starting out as a blast and I foresee the rest of this year being filled with purpose, rejuvenation and lots and lots of fun, because life shouldn’t be boring, and music is that soundtrack that’s going to keep us going.

Till next post

Much love!!


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