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She does house concerts, community events, entertainment at senior residential complexes, weddings, festivals, college engagements, corporate events, fundraisers, fashion shows, restaurants, formal venues, and opening acts, along with headlining her concert tours. You name the event and Elishema will try to accommodate you.

Book Elishema by clicking the button below. Select the date and time for your venue/facility event, and provide a few details about the space allotted for the performance in the special details section of the form, then hit the submit button. We will reply back within 24 hours to confirm whether she is available for that date and time.

Interested in booking me for a concert or event? I do all kinds of shows… house concerts, weddings, festivals, college engagements, corporate events, fundraisers, fashion shows, you name the event, chances are I’m willing to do it. I will travel pretty much anywhere in the world.

Creating an exciting and memorable show is what I do. In fact, it’s really quite easy and my fees are reasonable for what I have to offer. My main concern is that I have…

a) the opportunity to sell my CDs (so that people can take my music home with them and share it with more people…)

b) the opportunity to perform for new people (so they can experience the music first hand and see that my concerts are not only fun, exciting, and enlightening, but also a memorable moment that they will cherish and will last forever.)

c) my travel expenses covered. If I am already booking a tour in your area, you probably don’t have to worry about travel expenses. However, if you’re contacting me to do a one-off show, I’ll probably need you to cover my travel expenses as well. Read more on that below.

Credentials:If you are an event coordinator, I am sure you would like a list of references. Please take a look at my electronic presskit on sonicbids, which explains who I am, and a list of past shows and events. If you have any questions or concerns, just email me at arizingstar@aol.com

Other Items of Note…

Availability:If you are in the Chicago, IL area, I may be able to squeeze you in somewhere. Shows elsewhere require a bit more time to plan and fit within my schedule. I like to book out of state shows at least two months in advance, preferably four. So contact my manager at arizingstar@aol.com and we’ll see what we can work out.

Basic Requirements: I perform both solo, as well as with a 4 piece band that is drummer, bassist, keyboardist, guitarist and background dancers depending on the event specifications.  We can bring out our own equipment if need be. If you have a full back line at your venue that is great as well. Please click here to see the stage plot. And I would like to a small area allotted to set up a merch table preferable next to an outlet,  please check out my Rider, in PDF format.

Set-List:  Songs performed would range from contemporary R&B covers from artists like Alicia Keys, classic R&B tunes like “At last” by Etta James, to original song from my current releases like my album “New Beginnings.” I have enough songs to perform a 45-60min concert. This show can be extended if need be, and some cover songs will be added to the set list for that purpose. If you book me two months in advance you can suggest some cover songs that you would like to hear.

Rentals: If you live in an area where I’d have to hop on a plane, then I would expect you to provide the necessary equipment for the show.

What’s an ‘Elishema’ Concert like?
Note: At events like weddings, dinner parties, coffee shops, book stores and such, I simply perform more subtle and mood orientated, incorporating both original songs and covers songs in the mix. But at conventional concerts, things are more dramatic and innovative, think Mariah Carey meets Beyonce…

  • Mission: Much of my music is inspired by real life situations and lessons to be learned from them. So when I talk about my music in a concert setting, it’s not uncommon for me to share my personal stories as part of the program to better relate where the song is coming from.
  • Themes:  the theme of my music and shows is “Music of Empowerment” and I express this though dynamic interpretation and self express. When space allows I use props, dance expression, costumes, and surprise elements in the show. This is particularly useful in creating a memorable and intense show. One that creates moments that will last for months, and even years in the minds of the audience.  And it also creates great talking points for the audience.
  • Emotion: I am a very emotive performer, so expect to see something interesting to watch as well as to listen to. My concerts are not boring. I also strive to be very vulnerable when I’m telling the stories behind the songs. I speak to you, the audience, as I would a close friend. I let the audience see and understand my heart’s desires so they can better relate to the music they are hearing. It is this approach to a performance, in part, which makes it such an unforgettable experience.
  • Time: Expect a show to run about an hour and a half with a break. If you have a specific program length in mind, shorter or longer, it can be arranged.

Booking Elishema:email Larry (the man in charge!) at arizingstar@aol.com for a quote specific to your event.
If you do not hear back from him within 48 hours, call me at 312-401-2015 ask for LarryMannie. It’s entirely possible that your email message (or my response to you) got caught in a spam filter. Also feel free to use the form below, it will help move things along quicker.

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