Break A Sweat For Me


  • Release 2018
  • Genre R&B, Pop, Hip Hop

The “Break A Sweat for Me” album originated from my frustration of wanting more success in my career than I currently had, and I felt I wasn’t making any progress towards my ultimate goals. I had the dream, and I had the desire, but I still felt as if I was at the starting line.

I felt off-course and didn’t know how to get back on track, I’d see so many of the artist I admired today getting notoriety for releasing their 3rd or 4th album, and I only had one in the market, that was released years ago. Although, I did have two in waiting.

I often wondered if I had what it took to succeed, but deep down I knew I did, I just needed to know what to do next. I’ve often heard that the answers we need are within us, we just need to open up and listen for them. So, I began seeking answers from within through daily meditations, and to my surprise I began receiving inspired actions that would get me where I needed to be, if I would listen and follow.

In one meditation, I got an epiphany that my relationship with my music career was just that, a relationship. And if I might add, it has been one of the longest love hate relationships I’ve ever been in. LOL!

The inner self, as I will call it said, “See and treat your career as the relationship it is, engage it just as if it was a traditional relationship where love is involved.” I could relate to that because music is a sincere love of mine. This statement from my inner-self opened me up to a whole new world of questions, such as, am I giving this “love” of mine the attention it needs? Am I doing my part to show I’m worthy of its affection?

To my surprise, I knew the answer was, NO! I could do more, I had been slacking off and I needed to nurture this relationship and give it the attention it needed for it to blossom.

This is where the inspiration for “Break A Sweat for Me” came, and it’s about going hard in your relationships, no matter what type of relationship it might be, because we get out, what we put in, in most cases.

I’ve witnessed first-hand how tragic a relationship can get when one person in it gives their all and another barely puts forth an effort aka “break a sweat.”

This album is also about being confident enough to go after the things you want, and strong enough to walk away from the relationships where you are not valued for all that you bring, being brave enough to stand your ground patiently for the one who is willing to break a sweat for you, as you are willing to break a sweat for them.

“Break A Sweat for Me” is a confidence building, contemporary R&B, love and relationship album, which encapsulates the fusion of hip hop inspired rhythms, topped with superb vocals bearing sultry twist’s and radiant vibes. It is an album of consciously crafted lyrics, to deliver a cohesive message geared towards fueling the ambitious soul in you, to take charge of your relationships and get the most from them. This album includes an array of songs from mellow ballads to rallying anthems, perfect to accompany any mood you may find yourself in.