New Beginnings Now Available

In her first album release “New Beginnings,” singer songwriter Elishema will undoubtedly surprise you with her alluring voice and versatility. In this album she flexes her vocal muscle in a variety of musical styles from R&B, Pop, Rock to hip hop, touching on many subjects of self-motivation. The heart and soul of this album is the specially crafted lyrics written to inspire, empower, and uplift the soul.

New Beginnings gives you variety, and every song on this 16 track album is a wonderful experience. It hypes you up with feel good up-tempo dance tunes like “Get Loose”, and calms you down with heartfelt ballads, and sultry grooves like ”Broken Promises”. This album takes you on a roller coaster through songs relating to overcoming hardships, as in the song “Let It Go,” finding strength & courage through songs like “Scared”, being true to yourself expressed in “Sophisticated Man”, and embracing love and happiness reflected in “enchanted Love”. In three words this album is fun, stimulating, and progressive, certainly a must have for any music collection. Take A Listen

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