A Tribute To Sade Performed by Elishema

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Elishema Performs for Kool and the Gang

Kool and the Gang is one of the baddest American R&B, soul, funk, disco and Jazz groups during the early 60’s, from Jersey City, New Jersey. They have sold over 70 million albums worldwide, and they recently came to Chicago to perform at a joint concert with the Beach Boys on Saturday June 26, 2015 at Montrose Harbor. But on Friday June 25th the legendary Kool and the Gang made a stop off on the South Side of Chicago in the Englewood neighborhood to Hamilton Park auditorium where they received a proclamation from the city of Chicago proclaiming June 25th Kool and the Gang Day and was entertained by several artist including Elishema who stole the show singing one of their classic songs titled “Misled.”

I can remember these brothers making hit after hit and as a DJ I could always go to their playlist to get the party started. And it was certainly noble of them to come to the south side against all the wishes of many people fearing for their safety. Instead, they made their way to the south side of Chicago, and were greeted with peace and love and Elishema, who certainly made the trip worthwhile. Elishema and I were told by their personal friends she really blew them away, and they were truly entertained by her rendition of “Misled.” After the concert Elishema was invited to dine with them, and took pictures.

Elishema Sings At the Daley Center

While we have returned back here to the windy city from touring overseas, Elishema have been booked by several promoters and the Ninja Show, a cable TV production that showcases rising stars, to share her talent with their audiences. Elishema was even asked to sing for the legendary Kool and the Gang when they arrived in Chicago June 26, 2015, straight from the airport.

Elishema and her Entourage in Africa

Elishema, her manager, and her mother who is her personal assistant just recently just came back from a West African music Tour of Ghana, and in spite of the language barrier Elishema’s Album “New Beginnings” was well received. While there she sang Jazz and R&B Soul Music and represented Chicago in a cultural exchange, and was an instant star. That tour stop certainly paid off because Elishema has been subsequently booked, to return back there in the fall for a major concert performance and tour stops over in Europe.